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“Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm”  – Winston Churchill.

We are the graduates of Media Design and Digital Media Production at Southeast Technical Institute. We are a diverse group of people who over the course of the last two years have outperformed and outlasted. We’ve worked hard to be here, through long hours, long nights, and short deadlines, we persevered. We students were completely different people when they started this journey, they have evolved and redefined themselves into something new. Each and every student in this Portfolio Show has earned his or her place.


Media Design Technology

Today’s world is flooded with advertising and competing messages. Design is everywhere.

Our Media Design students strive to be at the forefront of new trends and technology. Our instructors keep up-to-date with their education in the industry and by tracking the latest software changes, to keep students advanced and career-ready.

We treat design as problem solving, to convey our client’s message to their intended audience. Using applied design principles, we turn complex ideas and creative concepts into relevant media.

Digital Media Production Technology

The way of the future is motion graphics. We capture attention for our clients by creating 3D animations and incorporating kinetic type into videos. Digital media is used to inform, persuade, promote, and entertain.

Advancements in software and technology allow us to make incredible videos and animations. Through implementing principles of design and animation, we create effective and relevant commercial media. Our instructors engage students with software, to create a wide range of projects that bring each client’s ideas to life.

Meet the Graduates


Media Design Technology

• Tony Conrad – Design & Print Production
• Rick Warkenthien – Web Design & Photography

Digital Media Production Technology

• Nick Schneider – Video & Motion Graphics


• Romy Klessen – Media Design
• Chris Biewer – DMP
• Ryan Hagen – DMP
• Gavin Wigg – DMP

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